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Feasibility of Zot/Hubzilla customization for a semi-private semi-commercial network?

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Hello all,

I've been attending #fairphone meetups recently, and I was delighted to learn that the community of people out there who are looking for alternatives to walled gardens is growing.

However, these people are not developers or nerds, like most of us. They often have an eco-conscious background, and now find out about "sustainable" (that is free-and-open-source) software, and are also actively looking to get away from the Facebooks and Googles of this world, looking for alternative messaging apps and communication networks that are secure and respect privacy.

More specifically, one of them, Marie, has founded a start-up that aims to copy the concepts and values of the GLS-Bank, only for insurances.

She believes that people who'll be interested in these concepts will also be interested that communication in this community (between brokers and clients, but also generally) should not take place in a Facebook group or the like, but in an alternative and "free" network. She also wants to demonstrate that trying to avoid the large networks doesn't mean you have to live behind the moon. What's important also is that there be a platform with extensible functionality.

Naturally, I proposed Hubzilla, which I feel is in principle the perfect solution, as it allows the development and integration of "apps".

Hubzilla instances would likely be self-hosted by brokers. They are often familiar with Wordpress and the like at least. So one of the first requirements would be to either make a Hubzilla instance look and behave more Wordpress blog, or to somehow marry these two. It should *not* behave like Transition Town Regensburg who just seem to crosspost from Hubzilla to Wordpress integrate their blog's RSS feed into their Hubzilla channel under their own domain. It should all be more integrated.

The main blog should be an actual Hubzilla channel, with comment sections fully zot-enabled. The design must however be fully customizable, and to be able to be branded. I guess it would be easier to start the design from scratch and integrating Zot functionality by scripting, rather than trying to modify the existing Hubzilla themes?

She can fund a pilot project in this direction with several thousand EURs to have such a demo installation running to show around.

Many more follow-up projects (the mentioned extensions and apps) would be on the horizon for a later date then.

Is anyone interested, and/or does anyone have experience with projects in this direction? Thank you!

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Michael Ep
@Mike Macgirvin I think in most blog/CMS engines the title in the url is pretty optional and is mostly there because of SEO. Mostly the format is something like


And about internationalization and all that, I'm sure there are established patterns, conventions and libraries for that.
Mike Macgirvin
I'm aware of blogs where title was mandatory so that the "friendly" permalink could be constructed, and of course on many news sites this practice is also  widespread.

I'm merely saying that the behaviour needs to be defined before using titles as links. I'm not saying that I'm unable to define it. Open software development is a process whereby the people who actually want stuff to happen help make it happen. Closed software development is a process whereby only employed developers can look at or modify the code.

We use the open form here.
Twitter or gnusocial has link with a number even without title.  If no title you can have id.
Michael Ep

Good day everyone!

Hello all, I'm #newhere but not really, I've been a veteran in The Federation space for 5 years already, trying Diaspora, Libertree, Friendica, RedMatrix, and now Hubzilla, and there's actually a project-related reason for that. More about that some time later.

With this profile I'm going to show my real-world face, maybe even professional, so plz 2 behave on my wall mmmkay?

Also I'm going to test this nomadic identity thing with this channel at some later point.

I live in Greater Munich, and I'm also much involved in this whole Bitcoin and Blockchain thing, organizing the meetups around here.

See you around!
Mike Macgirvin
Greetings Michael.
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Welcome, @Michael Ep ! :-)
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